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Student Corner / Student Council

Student Council



a.The Student Council at Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus (KCISLK) is the executive wing of the student body. The Student Council consists of non-elected members who collaborate with the elected student officers. The election for the Student Council president and vice president is held annually in November. The goal of the Student Council is to further the quality of student experiences through the cooperation of the three committees of the council: the Spirit Committee, the Legislative Committee, and the Self-discipline Committee. Each committee serves the student body in profuse ways.

b.The Spirit Committee strives to enliven students’ lives by holding various enticing activities for the students to participate in.  The Spirit Committee has also cooperated with school departments, namely IPD, DSA, Life Ed, PE department, etc.

c.The Legislative Committee aims to improve student experiences, while promoting student-teacher cooperation in various dimensions.

d.The Self-discipline Committee administers the behaviors of students at KCISLK. The Committee serves as a role model for students and cooperates with different departments to ensure the smooth progress of miscellaneous activities. 


2.What We Have Done

a.The Spirit Committee
    i.Thank you, for finding me in this corner of the world
    ii.Talent Competition

b.The Legislative Committee
    i.Planning for the student learning platform(

c.The self-discipline Committee
    i.To maintain the order of the stadium







Spirit Committee​