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Principal's Welcome

The vision of Kang Chiao by James Liang




    The vision of Kang Chiao is “to cultivate our students into internationally competitive elites, and to promise our students a beautiful future.” We enable our students to achieve this vision by fostering core Kang Chiao skills which are “being diligent in studying, being insightful in actions, being honorable in behaviors, and being eminent in the world.” Through the mastery of these four skills, our students develop four key attributes: “character, critical thinking, bilingualism, and excellence”

    At Kang Chiao, we encourage every student to develop their diverse aptitudes, so they can cultivate engaged study habits and a spirit of teamwork throughout the learning process. We encourage our students to participate in art and cultural clubs, and we provide different kinds of stages upon which they can share their diverse performances and talents. This gives our students opportunities to enjoy a sense of accomplishment in learning since the results are displayed. In turn, this will build their confidence and self-esteem.

    In this borderless world, communication and expression are essential and necessary. We immerse our students in a bilingual learning environment, so that using English becomes an everyday habit that overtime builds into a natural reflex. This allows our students to switch between Mandarin and English fluently and confidently. Kang Chiao enables students to succeed in future social competitions by creating an environment in which they can confidently hone their communication skills.

    At Kang Chiao, we focus on the cultivation of our students’ characters. The most basic level of character development entails the internalization of learned routines and  living habits; but it does not end there. The deeper levels of character are developed through conscientious and critical thinking.  Therefore, at  Kang Chiao, we not only require students to meet the norms in their daily routines, but we also create opportunities for them to deepen their characters by critically and conscientiously choosing their actions.

    In this contemporary world of competition, creativity is indispensable. We proactively cultivate our students’ creativity and critical thinking throughout their daily lives, school activities, and courses, so that students can think outside of the box when they encounter different situations and problems. In line with the thought of Dr. Edward de Bono and his Six Thinking Hats, at Kang Chiao, we aim to have our students solve problems and make decisions by critically thinking through different perspectives.  

    At Kang Chiao, we embrace the motto “Don't chase success, chase excellence. Success will follow!” which is advocated by Rancho from the movie The 3 Idiots. We encourage our students to pursue excellence in their academic and daily lives. We create opportunities and models that lead our students to enjoy and invest in their learning. We also invite our students to reflect on and track their progress toward their educational goals. With the guidance of the school, students will learn to be successful in the greater world by investing in and seeking the best in themselves.