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Prospective Faculty

Kang Chiao International School-Linkou Campus offers an American-based curriculum in a supportive environment.


    The secondary school at Kang Chiao International School’s Linkou campus is currently accepting applications for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and PE teachers for the 2021-2022 school year. Our campus will be entering its 4th academic year, and its second year with a 12th grade graduating class. In the secondary school (grades 7-12) we currently employ 68 international teachers and are still growing as our smaller 12th grade class is replaced by larger middle school enrollments.

    Our program caters to both Taiwanese and foreign students who can choose between a local curriculum track for Taiwanese universities and an international track for overseas universities. Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers serve only the overseas students, while English and PE teachers serve both, with English classes serving a mix of both groups depending on their English proficiency levels.

    We have worked diligently to set up a new school founded on integrity, positivity, and teamwork. We are immensely proud of the international teachers who have worked so hard to lay the foundations of this program, and we invite applicants who will help us continue this mission. A typical Kang Chiao teacher will have subject-specific teaching credentials or a relevant Master’s degree (often both) with an average of 10 years of teaching experience. Less experienced candidates are welcome to apply with a persuasive narrative, and more experienced candidates will be eligible for higher salary offers. Our teachers are dedicated professionals and our top priority is to hire colleagues who can support our friendly, supportive, hard-working culture.

    Average monthly wages hover around NTD$100,000 depending on education and experience in addition to a generous package of vacation pay and other benefits.

    Starting up a new school is challenging, demanding work, but that makes it all the more rewarding as we enjoy the fruits of our success. If you are interested in joining us on this venture and believe you meet our standards, please submit cover letter and resumé attachments to We offer highly competitive salaries at a beautiful new school with excellent facilities, and we will be happy to provide further details to qualified candidates. Please see our Ad on here.

**COVID-19 Alert** Due to travel restrictions, please state clearly if you are currently in Taiwan or another country. We are able to hire teachers from overseas and still prefer to do so as much as possible, but it is a much more complicated process under current pandemic conditions. Overseas candidates must be able to present impeccable paperwork and teaching credentials to be considered.




Preference is given to the following academic training:

  • Middle School : Dual majors in two middle school subject areas or a major with strong minor. Certification required.
  • High School : A major with breadth and depth in subject to be taught. A post graduate degree in subject area preferred. Certification required.





    Kang Chiao International School, Linkou Campus has been an incredible experience. We have a wonderfully supportive and encouraging administration, and a very professional, dedicated faculty. Finally, and most importantly, our students are respectful, friendly and motivated. I really love coming to work every day!