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Admissions / Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Building Student's International Competitiveness is our mission.

Admission Procedure

Linkou Campus :: G7-G11 (2019-2020)



The Registrar will make an appointment with the students for English placement tests and interviews once the following have been received:

Completed Online Application Form


The admission process will be completed once the following have been received:

  • A copy of the Household Certificate or ARC (for foreigners) ;
  • The latest report card from the previous school;
  • The school bus service application form (if required);
  • Payment for all textbooks (non-refundable);
  • Tuition fee payment;
  • Uniform fee payment.


Entrance Exams

All applicants are required to take the school's English proficiency test.



  • Placement is based on the number of years of successful schooling completed by the student, exam results, and his/her age. KCIS-LK reserves the right to determine the proper placement for new students. Testing, interviews and review of all pertinent records are used to ensure a student's proper placement.
  • Final grade placement is determined by the Principal.
  • Student applicants, who cannot be enrolled due to lack of space in a grade level, shall be placed on a waiting list.


Application Expiry Policy :

Students, who are accepted to KCIS-LK must register for classes within 1 month of the date that students are expected to begin attending classes as stated in their confirmation letter. The application will expire after 1 month from the date that students are expected to begin attending classes. As there is a class size limit, students will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis. No spaces can be reserved.