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World Scholar’s Cup - Junior


 In class, students learn history, science and literature.  They use critical thinking skills to answer tough questions about characters in novels or short stories, discuss great inventors, and the difficulties they faced.  Maybe at home or with friends, they discuss the meaning of music, movies, or art.  Well, all is just the starting point of WSC!

As the WSC Club, we try to develop learning beyond the curriculum and try to introduce students to different cultures, and discuss issues and ideas that are relevant today and tomorrow.

The WSC Club focuses on public speaking, structured writing, and general knowledge which are essential skills that will accompany our students throughout their lives. The World Scholars Club will help students become confident debaters and persuasive writers. These debates and writing prompts are fueled by a curriculum developed by the World Scholar’s Cup organization that enables students to explore world knowledge far beyond their school academics.

The World Scholars Club is designed to help students prepare for the World Scholar's Cup, a team competition that tests scholar's debate skills, writing skills, and world knowledge. In preparation for the competition, students join a 3 person team where they work together and develop public speaking confidence and develop their persuasive writing skills. They are also exposed to an enriching breadth of knowledge that will help them better understand the world around them through study guides, Kahoot games and quizzes tests.
During the first semester, the club focus will be on laying out a foundation for speaking and writing. Students will engage with various debate motions and writing prompts, designed to improve their eloquence, logic, and teamwork. These motions and prompts will challenge students to deliver compelling speeches and essays.

The second semester focuses on applying these foundation skills in preparation for the competition. Here, students learn more about the global community through online kahoots or quizizz or quizlets.  They will then apply this knowledge to strengthen their debating and writing. This semester will turn students into scholars.
The World Scholar's Cup is divided into three rounds: Regional, Global, and Tournament of Champions. During the Second semester, students will normally attend a Regional Round.  Upon qualifying, scholars can then register and prepare for a Global round and move onto the next round of competition. After the Global Round, scholars can register to move onto the final round of competition at Yale University.