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Upcoming Events



Hsinchu Model United Nations XVI: October 16-18, 2020

Location: The International Bilingual School of Hsinchu Science Park.

    Overview:  On October 16-18, 2020, Kang Chiao Linkou students will attend a THIMUN foundation affiliated conference for the second straight year. The Hsinchu Model United Nations Conference known as HSINMUN, is one of the oldest, and enduring conferences in Taiwan. Moreover, the conference possesses a reputation for academic rigor and challenge. High level international schools such as the Taipei European School have attended. In addition to international schools, high level local schools with strong international matriculation such as the Taipei First Girls’ School have always attended.

Kang Chiao Linkou is honored to be invited for a second straight year and seeks to cement its place with premier international schools. 




Southern Taiwan Model United Nations: December 12-13, 2020

Location: Yi-Shou International School  

    Overview: Kang Chiao Linkou is proud to announce that for a third straight year, this school will have the privilege to participate in the Southern Taiwan Model United Nations at the Yi-Shou International School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  The Southern Taiwan Model United Nations is a THIMUN style conference which is a great preparation for students to eventually attend THIMUN recognized conferences, and eventually official THIMUN Conferences. Similar to Hsinchu Model United Nations, the schools attending are established international schools. This is another great opportunity for students to sharpen their skills. In addition, it is also the first opportunity for newcomers to practice. 




LINMUN: Term 3, 2021

Location: KCIS Linkou Senior High School

    Overview: The Linkou Kang Chiao Senior Model United Nations Club is excited to announce our upcoming on-campus Model United Nations conference. LINMUN will be the first Model United Nations conference held at Kang Chiao Linkou, and the first Model United Nations conference held in Linkou. The conference will be focused on environmental issues, challenging students to build their research skills and carefully weigh the risks and benefits of proposed solutions. Several of our students will be serving as committee chairs, helping to moderate the flow of debate and guide all committee members. This is a very exciting opportunity for our school, and we look forward to helping to develop a flourishing Model United Nations scene in the Linkou area.